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Ben Gurrola

Manage Leaderboards

By Gamification, Manager Application, Playbooks, User Guide
Manage Leaderboards How do I create, edit, and display Leaderboards? Competition drives results. Playbooks Leaderboards motivate your team by igniting competition among agents and showcasing top performers. Measure the most important metrics, increase urgency with PowerHour Leaderboards, and create your own custom key performance indicators. Note: Before managers and admins...
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Playbooks Rankings

By Gamification, Playbooks, Tasks, User Guide
Playbooks Rankings What does my Playbooks ranking mean? Understanding Your Ranking Sparking a friendly competition with your teammates increases your focus and motivates you to bring your “A” game to every call. Your Playbooks ranking gives you a snapshot of where you fall in line compared to your coworkers. Your...
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Track & Sync

By Emailing, Playbooks, User Guide
Track & Sync How to track and record emails sent outside of Playbooks Your CRM and email inbox may often feel disjointed; you may start an email conversation from the CRM record (or Playbooks) but then need to reply to or forward the customer’s email reply. But emails sent from...
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Manage Teams and Users

By Manager Application, Playbooks, User Guide
Manage Teams and Users How to create teams and manage users in Playbooks Playbooks simplifies employee management with the convenience of Playbooks Teams. Add new users to Playbooks or make structural changes based on your organization’s needs. Team Settings and Configuration Some settings are best configured for an entire team...
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Uploading Your Profile Picture

By Application, Playbooks
Uploading Your Profile Picture How to upload your profile picture for Playbooks Uploading Your Profile Picture Upload a profile picture and get recognition for outstanding performance. Topping Leaderboards gives you the opportunity to showcase your profile picture and join the ranks of the top performers. To Upload Your Profile Picture...
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