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Required Users for Dynamics Setup

By Getting Started, Playbooks
Required Users for Dynamics Setup Details about the Playbooks Administrator, Microsoft Global Admin, and Non-Interactive User During the provisioning and setup process the following Dynamics/O365 users are required. Required Dynamics/O365 Users Playbooks Administrator (The user who will be the primary owner to control the settings of the XANT platform) Office365...
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Email Snippets

By Emailing, Playbooks
Email Snippets What are email snippets and how are they used? One of the most important things reps can do to get their emails noticed is by customizing the emails they send – truly making them their own. To customize email templates, reps have often saved common phrases or snippets...
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Self Service Calendaring

By Calendaring, Emailing, Playbooks
Self Service Calendaring How do I add a calendar link to an email? How can my prospects schedule a meeting with me? The dream for every sales rep is to open their calendar each morning to find their calendar already filled with appointments from interested prospects or customers. With self-service...
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Add a New User

By Admin Guide, PowerDialer
Add a New User How do I add a new user to Follow these steps to add a new PowerDialer user. Salesforce Field Updates Before adding the user to PowerDialer, make sure to update the following information on their Salesforce record. Salesforce Settings: Add 10 digit station phone...
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