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AI Prioritization

By Buyer Intelligence, Playbooks
AI Prioritization How AI Prioritization works and how to use it Prioritize your daily sales tasks by the accounts, people, and opportunities most likely to lead to accelerated revenue growth. These predictions enrich CRM data with Buyer Intelligence to determine customer behavior. Priority Scoring helps you create the best strategy...
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Sending an Automatic Email

By Emailing, Playbooks
Sending an Automatic Email Schedule an email to auto-send in the future rather than sending it now Instead of sending an email immediately, schedule the email to be automatically sent by Playbooks at a later time. In some circumstances, it is beneficial to delay an email; you can have Playbooks...
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Accessing Call Recordings

By Calls, Playbooks, User Guide
Accessing Call Recordings How to access my call recordings If call recordings are enabled for your organization, you will have access to all your call recordings from CRM records or reports. Keep in mind that there are several ways call recordings can be configured for your organization. Each company can...
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