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Playbooks Requirements

By Playbooks, System, User Guide
Playbooks Requirements What are the requirements to use Playbooks? This article describes the basic infrastructure requirements needed in order to implement Playbooks. CRM Requirements Playbooks only supports standard CRM objects/entities for Accounts, Contacts, Leads, Cases, and Opportunities. Any other standard or custom objects/entities within the CRM cannot be enrolled in plays...
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Playbooks Manager Access

By Manager Application, Playbooks, User Guide
Playbooks Manager Access I’m a manager or administrator. Where do I go to run Playbooks operations? From the Playbooks Manager Application, you are able to adjust application settings, manage employees and gain valuable insights. If you are a manager or administrator, navigate to the Playbooks Manager Application by going to...
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Logging in to Playbooks

By Application, Playbooks, System
Logging in to Playbooks How to log in to the Playbooks Chrome extension Logging in to Playbooks is accomplished with one click by taking advantage of the single sign-on feature for Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics. If this isn't an option your organization has, you can also log in with your...
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Play Management

By Getting Started, Playbooks, Plays, User Guide
Play Management How to create, modify, and share plays Plays enable you to build strategic cadences that help you connect with your highest quality opportunities first. With plays, you can architect sales motions that have a distinct purpose. Plays track the progress of each prospect along a cadence cycle and...
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