PowerDialer System Requirements

By Admin Guide, PowerDialer, Requirements
PowerDialer System Requirements What are the minimum requirements for your network, operating system, memory, and browser to use PowerDialer? Network Requirements XANT services are delivered as a Software-as-a-service model, requiring an active internet connection. Due to the need for quick interactions, PowerDialer utilizes web socket technology. You must allow XANT...
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Inbound Call Paths

By Inbound Calling, Manager Guide, PowerDialer
Inbound Call Paths How do I setup an inbound call path? What routing and message options are available? Overview Call Path technology manages inbound calls coming into the InsideSales system. Call Paths define how inbound calls are routed and handled, from playing messages to inbound callers, to routing the inbound...
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Powerstandings Setup for Lightning Experience

By Manager Guide, PowerDialer, PowerStandings Setup and Management
Powerstandings Setup for Lightning Experience How do I enable the Personal Sidebar widget in Lightning? Overview The PowerStandings Sidebar widget can now be accessed directly from within Salesforce Lightning interface with versions of PowerDialer 6.51.7 and higher. Adding Powerstandings to the Lightning Interface In order for agents to access their...
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