Dynamics Installation Guide

Get Started with the Dynamics Playbooks Installation & Configuration

Download: Dynamics Readiness Checklist
Use this Ready to Launch Checklist as your companion guide during the Playbooks installation and configuration.

Here are the steps that will guide you through setting up Playbooks. Click a step button below to jump to a specific step then follow the ‘Next’ Navigation on each article.

  1. Install the Playbooks Dynamics Managed Solution
    Step by step insturctions to install the Managed Solution to Dynamics.
  2. Set up the Integrations User in Dynamics
    Steps to establish the XANT Integration User and additional CRM configuration.
  3. Provision a Playbooks Account for Dynamics
    XANT just needs a few pieces of information to provision your Playbooks account.
  4. Additional CRM Configurations for Dynamics
    Set your end user security roles and add Playbooks fields to the entity forms.
  5. Playbooks Manager Application Onboarding for Dynamics
    Use this navigating tutorial to complete the final in-app configuration.
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