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Call Recording API

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Call Recording API

How do I utilize the call recording API for Playbooks?

The Playbooks Call Recording API is designed for organizations or third-party applications to be able to download call recordings from calls made through the Playbooks product.

Common Use Cases

There are a handful of use cases for leveraging the call recording API to retrieve recordings.

  • You may need to download all your calls for compliance reasons
  • A third party wants access to your call recordings for voice analysis

Generating the Access Key

To begin using the Call Recording API, the first step is to generate a unique access key which will grant access to outside apps to request recordings.

Creating an access key is something that only administrators can do within the Playbooks Manager App.

To Create a Key

  1. Login to the Playbooks Manager App
  2. Click the Settings tab
  3. Under the Calls menu on the left, click Call
  4. Enable the Call Recording API toggle, then click Add
  5. Give the key a recognizable name, perhaps the name of a vendor

To revoke access to the call recordings, simply delete the key by clicking the three vertical dots next to the key. Be sure to keep the key safe, as anyone who has access to the key will have access to your call recordings.

Utilizing the CDR ID

To retrieve a call recording via the API, you must send in a Call Detail Record ID (CDR ID). A CDR ID is the unique identifier for each call placed within Playbooks.

You can find the CDR ID for a call in the Playbooks Call Recording field on call tasks within the CRM. The CDR ID is the ID at the end of the URL in this field.

For Salesforce customers, if the Playbooks Call Recording field is not installed, you will need to either create the field manually or install the Playbooks unmanaged package to get started.

The Call recording URL will look like this:

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