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Manage Call Recording Settings

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Manage Call Recording Settings

How do I configure call recording settings for my team?

Playbooks provides you with the ability to record every agent conversation, but there may be instances when you want to disable recordings because of personally identifiable or other sensitive information. From the Playbooks Manager Application, you have complete control of your call recordings.

Enabling Call Recordings

If you enable this setting, Playbooks with automatically record your agents’ calls. If this is disabled, your agents still have the option to start a recording, but it must be done manually. If Playbooks doesn’t recognize the phone number format, Playbooks will not record the call even though it may look like the call is being recorded (see Calling Territory and E.164 Phone Number Format for information on Playbooks phone number formats).

To Enable Call Recordings

  1. Open the Playbooks Manager Application.
  2. Click the Settings tab.
  3. Click Call Recording.
  4. Click the Enable Call Recordings switch.

Call Recording Restrictions

In order to align with complex state and international privacy laws, call recordings can be restricted to record only certain area codes, countries, or record only the rep speaking on recordings. These restrictions apply to the recordings that Playbooks automatically starts. Your agents can manually start recordings against the set restrictions.

To Adjust Company Wide Call Recording Restrictions

  1. Click on the Manage Exceptions button.
  2. You will have the option to select either North American Numbering Plan or All Other Countries.
  3. Then you have the option to Record Both Parties, Record Agent Only, or Do Not Record.
  4. You will need to “restrict down” with the Add Exceptions button.
  5. There will be two sections where you can add area codes to either Record Agent Only or Do Not Record. Add the area code to appropriate section.
  6. Once back at the Call Recording overview page, you will see the areas are set to Record Agent Only and Do Not Record.

Configuring Recordings Per-User

Different business units within one organization may have different regulations regarding when a call can be recorded or what types of calls can be recorded. Administrators can control if calls are recorded on a per-user basis enabling administrators to comply with company and legal regulations.

By default, all users are set to use the company default settings for recordings, which is controlled in the Settings tab. If there is the need to override these settings for a user, edit the user from the Teams page and update the desired recording settings.

Enable Manual Start/Stop Recording Permissions

Playbooks offers the ability for users to manually start or stop a call recording mid call if they have the proper permissions enabled. Enabling the Manual Start/Stop Recording permission allows users to override the default recording configuration on a call-by-call basis. Even with this permission enabled, Playbooks will continue to automatically start recordings per the default company configuration.

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