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Pre-recorded Voicemails

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Pre-recorded Voicemails

How to create and use Pre-recorded Voicemails

Playbooks Pre-recorded Voicemail Messages enable you to conserve energy, leave perfect messages and maintain momentum. Record as many as you need for all different use cases. Send them with one click and get to the next call faster.

Note: You must have the Pre-recorded Voice Mail permission enabled before you will be able to create pre-recorded voicemails. If you do not have access, ask your manager or administrator about granting the required permission.

Creating Pre-recorded Voicemail Messages

To Create Pre-recorded Voicemail Messages:

  1. Open Playbooks.
  2. Click the menu button (XANT logo).
  3. Click Settings.
  4. Click Phone.
  5. Find the Pre-recorded Voicemail Messages section.
  6. Click Create a new message.
  7. Name your message.
  8. Click Next and wait for your station phone to ring.
  9. Answer the call and follow the prompts:
    Press 2 to record a new message
    Press # to end the recording
    Press 1 to review your message
  10. Hang up your phone and click DONE on your computer screen.
Tip: Keep your message under 30 seconds and leave your name and phone number 2 times.

Using Pre-recorded Voicemail Messages

To Use Pre-recorded Voicemail Messages

  1. Establish a phone call.
  2. Listen for an automated voicemail message.
  3. Click the Voicemail button in the Next Bar.
  4. Select the best Pre-recorded Voicemail Message.
  5. Disposition the call and click SAVE.

Bypass Their Voicemail Box Message

Did you know that some phone systems allow you to bypass their voicemail messages and allow you to skip straight to the BEEP to leave a voicemail? Each phone system is a little bit different, and you may have to experiment to know which one works on a given person’s voice-mail system, but for people you call a lot, just record it in a notes.

Tips to go straight to Voicemail:

  • Most voice-mail systems, the corporate ones, will let you skip the prompt by pressing pound (#), one (1), or star key (*).
  • For T-Mobile, press the pound button (#).
  • For Sprint, press the number one (1).
  • For AT&T, press seven (7).
  • For Verizon, press the star button (*).
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