Voicemail Best Practices

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Voicemail Best Practices

How to make your voicemails more effective

If your sales cadence includes phone calls, you should be prepared to also leave voice messages. Many sellers don’t leave voicemail and some leave messages that are too long and poorly scripted. Playbooks can help with both these situations when sellers use the prerecorded voice message feature.

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Voicemail Best Practices

Follow these tips for creating the best voicemails. We have found these practices are most effective.

  • Be persistent but mindful. Send at least three voicemails. Don’t feel you have to send these all at once. Find a way to spread them out through your cadence. But less can also be more. If your send more than three voicemails, you can hinder your own sales process.
  • Write it out first. When recording your voicemail, write out what you want to say before you begin recording. Don’t forget to thank them. Your prospect will appreciate your courtesy and politeness.
  • Keep it short. Voicemails should be anywhere between 18 to 30 seconds in length.
  • Make it personal. Say the prospect’s name twice to make them feel that this message is just for them.
  • Ask for what you want. Often, voicemails fail because there is no clear objective. Make it very clear to the listener what you want their next action to be.

Some of these practices have been built directly into Playbooks. Built-in cue cards can assist with a script while users are making calls and perfectly crafted pre-recorded voice messages can help to save time.

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Voicemail Strategies

Voicemail strategies are thematic templates you and your team can prep ahead of time the grab at a moment’s notice. If your and your team are disciplined enough, you can report back on the success of different strategies.

  • Referral Voicemail – When a colleague, friend, or acquaintance is connected to or referred you to this prospect, put the connection front and center with the referral voicemail. We all know that making a connection in sales is huge, so highlight this in the voicemail you leave.
  • Case Study – Illustrate how you can assist your prospect by using a success story with proven results.
  • Cliffhanger – Provide your prospect with just enough information to get a callback. If done right, the cliffhanger strategy can be very powerful.

For more sales cadence best practices or how to implement these practices in Playbooks, take the Play Maker Course.

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