Email Snippets

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Email Snippets

What are email snippets and how are they used?

One of the most important things reps can do to get their emails noticed is by customizing the emails they send – truly making them their own. To customize email templates, reps have often saved common phrases or snippets of text that they frequently copy and paste into emails they send.

With the new Email Snippets functionality, reps and managers can now create snippets of commonly used text for email templates. Once a Snippet is created, reps can easily insert the Snippets into key areas in email templates.

Snippets are designed to help standardize email content, give reps flexibility over the emails they send, and save reps’ time as they move from one email to another.

Creating Snippets

Email Snippets can be created by reps in the Playbooks extension and by managers in the Manager App. To create a snippet, go to Templates, then select “Snippets” on the left. In the extension, reps can also click “Email Snippets” from the main menu.

To Create a Snippet

  1. Click the Menu.
  2. Click Snippets.
  3. Click the yellow plus icon on the top right corner.
  4. Click Create New.
  5. Enter the Snippet Name.
  6. Enter the text you want to add to your Snippet.
  7. Click SAVE.
Tip: You can use merge fields in Snippets to automatically insert information like First Name. This can save you even more time and add a personal touch to your emails.

Sharing Snippets

Users who are given the appropriate permission have the ability to share Snippets with other users. To share a Snippet, edit the desired Snippet and select teams to share the Snippet with. By default only managers and administrators have the ability to share Snippets. Administrators can control who has the ability to share snippets by editing permissions in permission groups.

Note: Users can only view snippets they have created or snippets that have been shared with them. Snippets must be shared to be viewed by other users. 
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Using Snippets

To use a Snippet, simply go to an email, click into the email where a Snippet should be inserted, and click the new Snippet icon at the bottom. The snippet button looks like two quotation marks. Select the Snippet, and it will be automatically put into the body of the email.

To Use a Snippet in an Email Draft

  1. Click where the Snippet should be inserted into the email. This will place the cursor where the snippet will be inserted.
  2. Click the Insert Snippet button at the bottom of the email.
  3. Optionally, use the Search to find the desired Snippet.
  4. Click the desired Snippet.
Note: Snippets cannot be used on locked email templates.

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