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Playbooks + Salesforce Setup Guide – Step 6: Playbooks Manager Application Onboarding

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Playbooks + Salesforce Setup Guide – Step 6: Playbooks Manager Application Onboarding

The Playbooks Manager Onboarding experience will guide new Playbooks Managers to relevant setup, features and tools

The Manager Onboarding Experience will now help navigate you to additional setup steps like creating Plays, adding users, and other tools in the Playbooks Manager app. I strongly recommend you bookmark the Playbooks Manager since you will return here frequently.

Note: New users added to Playbooks in the Manager Role will be taken through the Manager Onboarding steps (listed in this article) to help familiarize them with some of the tools available to them.

Create a Play

Note that there are 2 Plays pre-loaded for you. The ‘Relationship Builder’ Play has a longer cadence and includes a step to connect on LinkedIn. The ‘Hand Raiser’ Play is more ideal for a Business Development Rep with a greater emphasis on phone calls.

To create your first unique Play, click the green ‘Start’ button. Follow the prompts to add email steps with templates, call tasks, and wait time to your Play. Then learn how you can share the Play with 1 or more teams. (Since you haven’t added any teams or users yet, you’ll have to come back to this after going thru the next Manager Onboarding task of adding users.)

For more information about creating a Play view this article.

Add Users

This second step will prompt you to create a Playbooks Team and add users, but if you are the first Manager in your Playbooks account, you must first determine if Playbooks teams will align with Salesforce Roles OR the Manager field (located on the Salesforce user account detail record). Business leaders and Salesforce admins should consult with each other before proceeding. THIS CANNOT BE CHANGED so make sure everyone agrees with the organization structure before proceeding.

To create a team, click the ‘New Team Wizard’ button, select the group (by Role or Manager) that you want to create a team for. Give it a team name, and choose what record type should be created when members of that team create a new record in Playbooks. For example, if I am on a Business Development team, when I create a new record I most often will create ‘Lead’ records. But if I were on an Account Management team, then I would most likely be adding new ‘Contact’ records to my existing account base.

After creating the team, you’ll be brought to the team page where you can add users.

Recommendation: Start by adding your Managers first. Then add end users (Reps) when you are ready to Go-Live with Playbooks. When you add users they will be sent a Welcome Email and are live in the system.

Review these articles for more information about adding teams and users. Take a minute to explore Permission Group options.

Monitor Calls

This is where managers can listen to calls LIVE. Obviously, you’ll have to wait till you’ve got users added and using Playbooks to listen in. But for more information about monitoring calls you can view this article.

Salesforce + Playbooks Reporting

One of the major benefits of using Playbooks is the visibility it gives managers to the tasks being completed by their Reps. Review the ‘Tracking Playbooks Activities’ video then explore other reporting capabilities using our other Reporting articles.

These reports rely on the fields added in Step 3 when you added the Playbooks Basic Fields & Reports unmanaged Package.

Download the Playbooks Extension

Although most Managers and Admins won’t need it, there are situations (like testing in a sandbox) where it will be necessary to have access to the extension. Follow the prompts in the Manager Onboarding tutorial to browse to and download the latest version of Playbooks.

Get Support

As managers, you become the first stop for Reps when they have questions. Become familiar with our help articles and Live Chat.

Finish Up

Now that you’ve completed the Setup Wizard and Manager Onboarding your Playbooks Account should be pretty well configured and ready for use.

Be sure to refer back to the “Ready to Launch Checklist” as your guide to determine if you’ve completed all necessary steps.

Bookmark this Manager Guide as a quick reference to common Manager related tasks.

Good luck with your Go-Live Launch and remember we are just a quick chat away if you need help.

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