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Working Remotely With Playbooks & PowerDialer

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Working Remotely With Playbooks & PowerDialer

Preparing for Coronavirus (COVID-19)

In response to contingency plans for a remote workforce, the following information can help Playbooks and PowerDialer users to update personal settings and take appropriate precautions.

In most cases, using Playbooks or PowerDialer from home is as simple as updating the agent phone number to a mobile phone.  As long as users have a decent computer and internet connection, their Playbooks or PowerDialer experience shouldn’t be impacted. Reach out to your XANT account team or Support if you have questions.
XANT Cares: Here’s What We’re Doing

XANT Cares is a program to support new and existing customers and other companies who are shifting to a work-from-home setting. Click this message to learn more about XANT Cares.

Make and Receive Calls through Playbooks and PowerDialer

Users can make and receive calls using a home, mobile, or soft phone number by simply changing their Agent Phone number in their personal settings.

Phone Number Considerations: 

  • Mobile and soft phones do have the potential for poor call quality or dropped calls due to mobile networks or internet bandwidth 
  • The XANT Support Team is unable to troubleshoot connection and call quality issues related to home networks and cellular devices. 
  • Playbooks and PowerDialer supports the use of e.164 compliant phone numbers that are dialable from the Public Switch Telephone Network. (PSTN)  
  • The use of softphones requires additional planning, resources, policies, and best practices to be followed from a network layer as well as each individual desktop/laptop. 
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Change & Manage Your Caller ID

Users should pay attention to the Caller ID being presented to callers if they would like to get a call back. If a user has already selected to display their current Agent Number, then no changes will need to be made. Otherwise, users can change their Caller ID 

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System Requirements

Modern laptop and desktop computers with sufficient internet bandwidth should be able to connect to CRM and Playbooks or PowerDialer. The minimum system requirements for remote employee workstations are:

  • Latest version of Chrome browser 
  • Latest Playbooks Chrome Extension (Playbooks) 
  • 8 GB RAM 
  • 1920 x 1080 pixel monitor
  • Upload and download speed of 1 mbps per user

Internet Considerations

If users can run Salesforce, most often they can run Playbooks or PowerDialer as well. The recommended internet bandwidth for Playbooks and PowerDialer is a download speed of 1 mbps per user. Playbooks and PowerDialer may load slower or move choppy due to other factors hindering internet bandwidth. These factors may include CRM bandwidth usage, IP phone usage, other devices on the network, router inefficiencies, signal strength, building material interference, or other considerations.

VPN Considerations

Playbooks and PowerDialer users that must connect to CRM through a VPN may experience slower speeds. IP addresses and domains whitelisted during Playbooks and PowerDialer implementations should also be whitelisted on the VPN.

Playbooks Email Notifications

Playbooks provides you the ability to opt out of receiving notification for certain types of email interactions, including internal emails that contain confidential information.  Users working from home will need to disable notifications by adding their computers and other devices to the Do Not Track list within Playbooks.

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Calling During a State of Emergency

Some states have enacted laws to restrict calls, such as unsolicited telemarketing calls, during a state of emergency. XANT customers should consult with their legal team for guidance on compliance with state and federal laws. XANT does not provide legal advice on calling practices.

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