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Displaying PowerStandings on a Monitor

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Displaying PowerStandings on a Monitor

How do I display a Leaderboard or dashboard on an external TV or monitor?

Note: The hardware that you have available can change your setup process drastically. With that in mind this article will go over the basics on how you can display a Leaderboard.

Displaying Your Powerstandings Leaderboard

First you need to build a dashboard or a leaderboard. This can be done in the InsideSales tab. After creating your dashboard, determine how you would like to display it. This can be accomplished with a standalone computer or an extension of your work desktop. Each of these options have their own advantages and disadvantages.

In order to extend the desktop of your work computer to the additional display, you will need to plug in an additional display to your computer using an HDMI or another video cable supported by your computer and additional monitor. You would then go into your computer settings and be sure to set the screen to extend onto the additional display and not duplicate your working display. This process will change depending on what operating system runs on your computer. From there your can launch your dashboard, move the window to the additional display, hover your mouse over the right corner of the dashboard and click the “Dashboard Settings”, then press the “Toggle Fullscreen” button. Your dashboard should now be displayed on the external monitor.

Your second option is using a standalone computer to display your dashboard or leaderboard. This process is very simple. Simply connect your additional computer to a monitor or tv, launch your leaderboard or dashboard, and make it full screen to display it on the monitor or tv.

We’ve also had customers use Chrome Cast from a Chrome browser. This is a really simple option if you have an extra Monitor and computer.

Note: When casting you cannot extend the display, only mirror.

Additional Notes

  • There are a few factors to keep in mind about these two configurations. If you choose to extend your desktop to display your leaderboard, you will need to keep your computer running if you want your leaderboard displayed. This may not be optimal for users who work from laptops or power off their computer when they leave the office.
  • If you need to make frequent changes to your leaderboards, it’s easier to do that from your computer than to make changes to your leaderboard on a separate computer.
  • Most Smart TVs have their own proprietary browser, and does not include the Chrome browser, so you CANNOT use Smart TVs.
  • You must use a desktop or laptop based Chrome to launch the leaderboards and dashboards. You cannot use a mobile device / TV based Chrome.